Waterfront Marina is just a few minutes’ walk from the heart of Italy’s fifth largest city, bustling with life and living a new renaissance since it was European city of culture in 2004.

Home to the Genoa Boat Show, Genoa is a charming city in Liguria, heart of the Italian Riviera, one of the most picturesque and beautiful regions of Italy, with a wealth of sports and activities available all year round.

Flaubert declared that Genoa, Italy’s largest sea port, had “a beauty that tears the soul”.

The world-famous architect Renzo Piano, who designed the Georges Pompidou centre, the Shard and the Whitney museum just to name a few, has designed the new Waterfront project, called “Waterfront di Levante”,   to restore the sea view to the city. It is currently one of the most remarkable urban developments nationally in Italy.

“We are aiming to bring the sea back to an urban area that will have a trade show zone, nautical workshops, residential spaces and a strategic place for sports"

Home to the Genoa Boat show, with many centuries of nautical tradition in terms of vessel construction, repairs and trade, over the last thirty years Genoa has evolved specifically to meet the needs of the large yacht sector.

A large nautical cluster of specialized companies dealing almost exclusively with superyachts has emerged, able to provide every kind of service required on board.