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Waterfront Marina and the 61st Genoa Boat Show

Waterfront Marina is delighted to partner with the 61st Genoa Boat Show

Waterfront Marina is delighted to partner for the first time with the 61st Genoa Boat Show, providing its superyacht quays and facilities for the yachts on show.

The 61st Genoa International Boat Show opened its doors on the 16th September 2021, with the inauguration ceremony involving 300 guests and representatives of the Government and Local Authorities: the Italian Minister for Sustainable Infrastructure and Mobility Enrico Giovannini, Mayor of Genoa Marco Bucci, President of the Liguria Regional Government Giovanni Toti, Vice Admiral representing the Chief of Staff of the Italian Navy Giuseppe Berutti Bergotto,  General Commander of the Port Authority Nicola Carlone, President of the Western Ligurian Sea Harbour System Authority Paolo Emilio Signorini. Also present were the President of the Italian Trade Agency Carlo Maria Ferro and President of the General Confederation of Italian Industry Carlo Bonomi.

The inauguration began with the traditional flag-raising ceremony carried out by the Port Authority Corps – Coast Guard and was saluted by the much-appreciated arrival of the “Nave Rizzo”, a FREMM Unit of the Italian Navy recently returned from being deployed as part of an anti-piracy initiative, which passed by the waterfront’s canal, accompanied in its salute by the CP 420 “De Grazia”, the last to be launched by the Port Authority.

Genoa Mayor, Marco Bucci, opened the official statements looking to the future. “Last year we were right here, facing a much more difficult moment in time, and the Genoa International Boat Show still managed to be a success. This year we have already seen positive signs coming from the industry which of course is a positive sign for Genoa. The redevelopment project will be completed in 2023, transforming Genoa into what will be the most attractive Boat Show on the planet”. President of the General Confederation of Industry Carlo Bonomi took to the stage to greet the many guests at the ceremony: “The success of this year and those to come derives from this country’s ability to come together and make things work. As the country’s Confederation of Industry, we are proud of the many successes achieved by the country as a whole, whether in the European Finals, the Olympic Games, even in political debates, however we are especially proud of the successful trends of Italian industry, trends that are envied around the world and which represent the very best of Italian businesses and their unmatched know-how”.

Following the greetings on behalf of the various Authorities, came the Inaugural Conference “Made in Italy, il Paese che traina il Paese” (“Made in Italy, A country driving itself forward”), moderated by the journalist Maria Latella. The conference provided a more in-depth analysis of the opportunities deriving from the recovery plans and available to the industries dedicated to creating beauty and high quality products, with a focus on the structural reforms that will accompany the recovery, from the reconstruction of Genoa’s waterfront to the infrastructure plans contained in the National Recovery Plan. Saverio Cecchi, President of the Italian Industry Association and of I Saloni Nautici: “With the brand new waterfront, scheduled to be completed in 2023, we will leave you speechless. The Genoa International Boat Show is an essential tool for the boating market and for the entire supply chain. A moment in time where the entire system comes together to drive the country’s recovery forward. The large Shows, like Milan’s Salone del Mobile and the Genoa International Boat Show are hugely effective when it comes to attracting tourism and igniting the country’s economy. 2020 saw an increase of +2.4% jobs and 2021 is predicted to see a growth in positive global industry revenue trends of +23.8%. The boating industry is here, it’s growing, and yet the country loses 40 million euros in VAT because of a leasing reform imposed by the EU Commission.”

Giovanni Toti, President of the Liguria Regional Government: “The Italian boating industry combines cutting-edge technology, design, great potential and exceptional taste. As you can see, this is where we build the future. The hand that rebuilt the viaduct, the bridge that collapsed three Summers ago, is the same hand that has designed what will be one of the most beautiful waterfronts in the world. I believe this is a time in which we need to move forward with a sense of responsibility, courage and ambition. And I believe these three concepts are best represented by the city of Genoa itself”.