Ukraine Aid Collection Hub

Many crew members, employees and suppliers are asking us how can they can help locally with sending aid to Ukraine.
As follows the info regarding the Genoa city collection hub which is located on the main street access to Waterfront Marina.

Genoese and foreign citizens residing in the Ligurian capital have started to deliver their contributions of basic necessities to send as aid to Ukraine at the new hub set up by volunteers of the Civil Protection in Piazzale Kennedy. The collection centre will be operational every day from 9 am to 6.30 pm

Basic necessity aid requested:
· non-perishable, long-life food (for example pasta, rice, ready-made sauces, canned fish and meat, biscuits and baby food)
· sanitary products of all types – for example soap, shampoo, intimate products, wipes towels
· medicines, including antibiotics and antiseptics – these can be “used” but they shouldn’t expire imminently
· new clothing, in particular jackets, jumpers, underwear, socks

To receive more information on the goods to be donated and how to donate them,please refer to the toll-free number 800 177 797 and to the e mail address 

for further info