Shhh…the Silent Disco is coming to Waterfront Marina.

Genoa Superyacht Hub is calling all yacht crews in Waterfront Marina, Marina Molo Vecchio and Amico shipyard to come to Waterfront Marina to join the party: put your headphones on, choose the playlist you prefer and dance, dance, dance!

From 6.30pm we will start grilling thanks to SUGO, while you sip a drink at sunset or play tennis, padel, basket or 5-a-side and the beer truck is already on site!

A really big thank you to our partners who have helped us to organize the party:
Odone Albaro, a point of reference in the world of house & bed linen since 1875 for the quality of the products and services and their reliability and professionalism.
Sugo, Pizzeria & Cucina: in English it literally means “sauce” and their slogan is: you need some sauce in your life …isn’t that true? They have always had a passion for food and drink, Italian style
Flessing Cocchella: the people to call if you like to sleep like a prince, or a princess! They are specialized in manufacturing tailored mattress solutions for a good night’s rest.

Book your headphones in time, we are sure you wouldn’t like to remain without!

A shuttle service will connect Marina Molo Vecchio, Amico Shipyard and Waterfront Marina from 5.30pm onwards.



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